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 Surround Yourself with People

Who Reflect Who You Want to Be

Reduce fear, doubt, anxiety and isolation. 

Create strategies for getting ahead of the pandemic crisis.


Respond to the disruption and plan for the post crisis world

Having crossed the threshold, the Hero encounters tests, allies and enemies.

The Hero must approach the inner most Cave that leads to the Journey's heart.

You are the hero in this story.

Engage your team in a powerful experience.

Master Your Archetype and create communication across all silos

Inspire, Empower, Lead and Transform your team


Lead from the Inside Out



The rate of change is increasing. As we  speed up the decisions, we may execute too quickly.  Continually align the needs of your clients along with the  pace of change within  your own organization.  You may exceed your wildest strategy.  


Producing Cultures are companies that like to win.
Exploring Cultures are creatives and innovators.  Nimble, Flexible, Creative.
Stabilizing Cultures are reliable, efficient and scalable.
Cultivating Cultures are focused on developing the people. There is a collective Mission. 


In order to identify the right person for the right role we establish the ideal archetype for the job.  The ideal Reference Profile.  This is the archetype requirement to perform the role, if the job could talk.  


Think about one of your best employees. Not only do they do their job well, they are highly motivated, contributing to the culture and morale of the company. What would it mean to your organization if you could determine a strong job fit during the selection process?

talent development

Success lies in arming your leaders with information to manage motivate and develop their team members to their individual strengths.

The assessment is a roadmap, a guide for a deeper conversation.  However, this map is not the territory.  The territory becomes the coaching engagement for transformation.

Coaching and Leaderhip Development

Leadership Coaching is an important way to help executive team members develop leadership skills to build stronger relationships with each other and to more skillfully develop their direct reports. 

What people are saying about us

Clearly a subject matter expert. Great examples of behavior and impact in the organization, need for complementary staffing.  Paul has a lot of high quality and relevant material to share and teach. Members received terrific value."

I feel that I can trust you.  When you coach me, Its not about you at all.  We are always dealing with my own stuff.  I can say anything and you won’t make it about you. You never take things personally.  You’re always focused on me.  You bring great wisdom.

"Paul may not always tell you what you want to hear but his passion for helping his clients make breakthroughs in their businesses is never-ending."

I pack an enormous amount of tasks into a day. Time is extremely valuable to me. The way you restructured the company has allowed us to become more effective and efficient.

“Wow - compelling, interesting, time flew. Terrific tools to help me understand my management style and where I can improve and adjust.  Very engaging and funny. Paul talks about a familiar subject but makes it new.”

Our process was costing us time and money.  We had tremendous turnover because people felt like they didn't matter.  We had no metrics and no plan.  Everyone from your company put us on track to have our best year ever. 

Column Three

 Your methodology is brilliant and sustainable.  Your systems structure made all the difference when we started our leadership development.  You can't have one without the other.

“Paul is an inspiration – his guidance has made massive breakthroughs in my business.”

Awesome use of data and human emotion. He clearly spoke to all personality styles even though he is so dominant in his own style. Wealth of information, insight, tools. Will take time to read, digest, and put into action.

 Your time spent with us was invaluable.  Not only did we create transferrable metrics, goals, deliverables and new initiatives but the entire organization has become more innovative and collaborative.  Thank you!


There is nothing  you need that you don't have


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